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Bellas Artes de Juana Diaz
Centro de Bellas Artes Ada Mage
Calle Muñoz Rivera
Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico 00795 (PR)
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Phone: 787-837-2185
Cafe Teatro El Shorty
607 Calle Del Parque
Santurce, Puerto Rico 00907 (PR)
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E-mail: teatrobreve@gmail.com
Phone: 787-723-9596
Centro Bellas Artes de Naranjito
Calle Georgetti #97
Naranjito, Puerto Rico 00719 (PR)
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Phone: 7872270169
Centro de Bellas Artes de Aguada
227-243 Calle La Paz
Aguada, Puerto Rico 00602 (PR)
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Phone: (787) 252-0177
Coliseo Raymond Dalmau
Carr. #2
Quedradillas, Puerto Rico 00678 (PR)
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Hogar de los Piratas de Quedradilla del Baloncesto Superior Nacional
Estadio Juan Ramon Loubriel
Calle Estadio
Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00959 (PR)
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Phone: 787-785-5159
Fajardo Ferry Terminal
Fajardo, Puerto Rico 00738 (PR)
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Phone: 787-303-0334
Performing Arts Center
Boulevard del Rio
Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791 (PR)
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Phone: 787-656-9530
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Phone: 787-787-7878
PR Convention Center
100 Calle Guamaní
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907 (PR)
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Web: www.prconvention.com
E-mail: info@prconvention.com
Phone: 7876417722
Fax: 7873006736
Meeting in Puerto Rico will never be the same. The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest in the Caribbean and the most technologically advanced throughout both the Caribbean and Latin America. Boasting 580,000 square feet of total space, the Center can accommodate groups of up to 10,000, in an ideal setting at the gateway to all the Island has to offer.
ShoWare Venue
6781 N Palm Ave
Suite 120
Fresno, CA 93722 (US)
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Web: www.showare.com
E-mail: info@showare.com
Phone: 5594328000
Fax: 5594328010
This is the ShoWare Venue
Teatro Raul Julia
Museo de Arte de PR
Avenida De Diego 299
Santurce, Puerto Rico 00909 (PR)
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Web: www.mapr.org
E-mail: info@mapr.org
Phone: 787-977-6277
Teatro Taboas
Calle Quinones
Manati, Puerto Rico 00674 (PR)
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Teatro Tapia
Calle Fortaleza
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901 (PR)
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Phone: 787-721-0180
Montecito 38
D.F,  03810 (PR)
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Phone: 90002946
Zoologico de Puerto Rico Dr. Juan A. Rivero
Carretera 108 (interior)
Barrio Miradero
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00680 (PR)
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Web: www.parquesnacionalespr.com
Phone: (787) 834-8110
Fax: (787) 832-6330
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